new focus

New Focus is a is a free non-denominational Christian financial counseling ministry. We are all imperfect and whether it be due to poor choices or unfortunate circumstances, everyone experiences times in life where they need help. If you are struggling and sense a need to change the way you are living but you aren't sure what to do, we can help and we encourage you to contact us. New Focus equips and strengthens families who need to make changes in their lives, by leading them through processes of self examination and personal goal setting. This ministry aims for permanent lifestyle changes which will benefit individuals, their families and the community. We strive to help families become financially independent while promoting a new or deeper relationship with Christ. 

Contact us!

Director of New Focus: Kay Buchanan

Phone: 707-455-8176


WHat to expect

The first step to getting involved with New Focus is to contact the director and schedule a visit. Once the director has ensured that we can meet your needs, you will be paired up with a life coach who will guide you through the process of financial recovery. New Focus meets every Thursday at 7:00 PM and childcare is provided. In that time you will learn about God, financial planning, and also find support for changes you want to make in your life. Your life coach will lead you in a Bible-based discussion group called "Steps to Financial Freedom" and they will work with you to establish a spending plan. Support groups will encourage you as you develop the discipline to experience financial independence and reach career and personal goals. Successes are always celebrated!