new focus MINISTRY

New Focus is a ministry at CPC that has been in existence for over 24 years. It works closely with Opportunity House (Vacaville’s local homeless shelter) to assist its members in transitioning out of homelessness and to learn how to manage their finances to become more financially stable.

The ministry offers one on one financial management training, where members are assigned an individual coach to help them learn how to create and live within a budget.

Most members come from Opportunity House, Vacaville’s Homeless Shelter. New Focus Directors are in close touch with case managers at O House.

The ministry incorporates all aspects of members’ lives to include guidance in parenting, childcae, transportation, seeking meaningful employment, furthering their education, and navigating medical and legal issues.

New Focus is staffed by volunteers who are motivated by their caring about those in our community who need assistance. We are completely funding by donations, such as yours.

If you are interested in getting involved in New Focus as a coach helping people learn how to manage their finances, or other help needs, please get in touch with one of the New Focus Directors.

Thank you for supporting what we consider a vital program within the community of Vacaville.

New Focus Directors

Tony Bolts     (707) 372-1800
Judy Schneider (707) 446-3875
Rick Smith     (707) 372-6206