A Partner

We believe that when the church and home combine their influences, great things can happen. We are committed to partnering with your family in order to help you win at the things that matter most in life. Our ministry has a holistic, integrated plan working towards three goals: 

-Nurturing the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of children through all phases of life.

-Providing resources that help parents stay engaged and connected with their children.

-Building healthy relationships that form the core of every family. 

Partner with us and see the positive impacts in your family!

A plan

STRATEGY MATTERS! There are 936 weeks from the time a child is born until they leave the house. That may sound like a lot of weeks but they go FAST! You have limited time to influence your child and we don't want you to miss any opportunities.

Kids move through various phases as they grow and mature. Each phase represents a time-frame in a kid's life where we can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. EVERY PHASE MATTERS! The reality is, most parents don't have time to study child development textbooks and figure out both what's going on with their child and how to address it. That's OK because WE DO! 

Every phase has significant relationships that can influence your child. Every phase has a present reality from which your child operates. Every phase has distinctive opportunities that can influence their future. Our children's ministry is structured such that we accomplish three primary goals: 

-Forge significant relationships by understanding each child in the phase they are in.  

-Keep parents engaged and connected to kids at every phase.

-Leverage the distinctive opportunities unique to help kids win in life. 

Want a taste of what this looks like? Check these out...

Phase Time-line Overview

CPC Ministry Map

an advocate

KIDS MATTER! They matter so much that we prioritize them in everything we do. However, to achieve our goal of helping kids win at the things that matter most in life, we need to influence those who have influence on kids and so...PARENTS MATTER!

No one has greater influence on the life of a child more so than mom and dad. This is why we are determined to be the best teammate possible and work to help parents through all the hurdles of raising children and maintaining healthy relationships. 

By providing resources, hosting workshops, conferences, and other events we are going to make sure parents are cued in to everything they need to stay connected with their kids and to nurture a healthy relationship with their significant other.  


A community

COMMUNITY MATTERS! Kids, adults....everyone needs a place to belong and people who care. Our goal is to create a community that is satisfying, life-giving, unique, and has the power to transforms lives. We are a people who simply love Jesus, love people, love bringing joy into the world, and love helping people experience the fullness of life. Needless to say, we love families and prioritize them in everything we do so, no matter where you enter our community, we are ready to welcome and embrace your family.. 


We want your family to win at life! 


Children's and Family Programs 

  • Sunday children's church

    We want everyone to experience God in a way that is meaningful and relevant... especially our kids! We offer three Sunday programs designed to engage children and elicit a sense of wonder, discovery, and passion for God. Every week, we send home the "parent cue" which provides key information about what kids learned  so parents can reinforce the lesson at home. 

    Here are our programs: 

    Sunday Nursery- Ages 0-3

    Sunday SPARK- Ages 4-7

    Sunday IGNITE- Ages 8-12

    Want to know more about what we teach kids?

    Click the link below to see the basic truths we want kids to know!

    Three Basic Truths

  • Presbyterian Enrichment Preschool (PEP)

  • mother's Day Out

  • THE EDGE After school Program

    A free and exciting after school program for ages K-5th (ask about exceptions) where kids can connect with friends, discover their potential, and grow in their faith. Fun, games, food, help with homework, and faith lessons, all designed to give kids THE EDGE in life to help them have a better future.  


    We believe that if couples are pursuing healthy bonds and if parents are working towards becoming more intentional, families have a better chance at winning in life...and we want your family to win! We offer an assortment of resources, workshops, and events to help marriages or significant relationships thrive and to help parents succeed in the difficult and tiring job of raising kids.