children's and family ministries

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The family and the church working together to help people win at the things that matter most in life.

  • principles

    Children’s and Family Ministries are driven by the following principles:

    • All people have infinite value (Genesis 1:26-27).

    • Marriage is the foundation of the family (Matthew 19:5).

    • Children are a gift from God (Psalm 127:3).

    • Parents should aspire to model for their children how to follow the teachings and spirit of Jesus at home and in the community, with love, humility and grace (Deuteronomy 6:6-7).

  • Our mission

    The mission of Children's and Family Ministries is to lead children, couples, or parents into a growing relationship with Christ. 

What CFM offers

Marriage, relationships, parenting...even just being an adult aren't always easy and we need help sometimes! 

Everything we do here at CFM is geared towards helping families succeed. Regardless of what your family looks like, we want your family to succeed at the things that matter most in life. 

  • First steps nursery

    Though children are welcome in worship, we want you to be able to partake in worship and fellowship in meaningful ways. Our nursery for infants to children age 3 is staffed with trained personnel who model God’s love and acceptance with each child in a safe and nurturing environment. Children may be checked into our nursery at any time during our Sunday services. For more information call or email the Director (contact info below) or upon visiting, ask an usher or Welcome Center volunteer and they will be happy to help. 

    See what to do with children on Sunday.

  • Spark, ignite, and propel Sunday Experiences

    The children of our church are our most precious resource! We want our kids to develop an authentic, lasting faith that sticks with them throughout their entire life. We want our kids to be excited about coming to church and excited to learn about God. Children from Pre-K to 6th grade have a fun and safe place to connect and engage here on Sundays. Our children’s Sunday programs are designed to foster meaningful relationships that help kids come to see and know God while building and strengthening faith that lasts. For more information call or email the Director (contact info below) or upon visiting, ask an usher or Welcome Center volunteer and they will be happy to help.

    See what to do with children on Sunday.

  • parenting and relationships Ministries

    The challenges of parenting are endless. Maintaining long-term relationships can be difficult. We provide tools, resources, and experiences to help you thrive. No matter what your family is like or where your relationship is at, we want to see you improve! Get involved with some of our programs!

    • Date Nights- Leave the kids with us while you go have fun with your loved one or if you are a single parent, take a much needed break from the kids. 
    • Relationships and Parenting Classes, Workshops, and Events- Nurture your relationships and improve your parenting skills while learning, laughing, and growing in faith with people who share similar challenges. 
    • Men's and Women's Small Groups- Grow in your own faith and grow in our community by spending time, encouraging, and supporting people who are in a similar place in life. Beautiful things happen when we build meaningful connections with other people but see for yourself and get involved! 

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  • The Edge After School Program

    Kids of all ages need two important things so they can anchor their lives to something solid: a place to belong and people who care. The Edge program includes fun and exciting games, food, faith and life lessons, and ample time to get some school work done with the help of our wonderful volunteer tutors! Kids of any faith or any background will find The Edge to be a fun and safe place to connect with friends, discover their potential, and grow in their confidence! 

For more information

Contact director Brendan Kavanagh!