Presbyterian Enrichment Preschool (PEP)

Presbyterian Enrichment Preschool (PEP) is a private, non-profit, state-licensed preschool sponsored by the Community Presbyterian Church. We nurture all aspects of a child including their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual development. We believe children learn through play, by doing, and having hands-on experiences. We enable each child to explore, discover, problem solve, construct their own thoughts, and invent new ideas. Children are provided opportunities for growth in a variety of areas including pre-reading, pre-writing, language, science, cooking, pre-math, art, music, creative expression, large and small motor skills that are developmentally appropriate for their age. For over 50 years Presbyterian Enrichment Preschool has provided a nurturing and loving environment to children. We are highly regarded within the community and we have an excellent reputation. People love us on Yelp so check us out or call to schedule a visit!      

Philosophy & Curriculum

The goals of the Presbyterian Enrichment Preschool are to help children in the process of discovering their full potential to feel confidence in themselves as developing individuals, and to provide experiences leading to an awareness of the talents given to them by God by exploring the world around them. Each child is an active participant in his or her own growth and development. Learning takes place naturally, emerging slowly, as each new experience enriches and broadens your child's view of the world around us. We believe play is an essential component to the growth of the child so, not only do we provide many opportunities for your child to experience success, build confidence, and develop a strong sense of self-worth, we also provide ample time for children to play. Each child needs time to play because it is through play he or she will learn to ask questions and discover answers. Self-initiated play helps each child make sense of his or her world, it provides emotional relief and understanding, and fosters social development. Most importantly, play is just plain fun!


The director and teachers are all experienced, qualified in Early Childhood Education, and prepared to provide a responsive learning environment to meet the daily needs and varied interests of each child. At times, PEP also has student teachers from local colleges working in the classroom from. We are continually updating our curriculum by seeking out ongoing education opportunities through  workshops and conferences.   

registration and tuition


There is a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee upon enrollment of our child. 


Monthly tuition for the Tuesday/Thursday morning program is $225.00/mo

Monthly tuition for the MWF morning program is $295.00/mo

Monthly tuition for the MWF afternoon program is $255.00/mo

For more information regarding enrollment of your child, see the "Additional Information" section below or contact us via phone or email.

contact us!

Phone: (707) 448-1626